Operations - Infrastructure

Our expertise also extends to infrastructure projects. With our vast resources, equipments, plants and machineries, we meet stringent deadlines with safety and efficiency. Extensive experience in infrastructural works includes

  • Potable water tanks with a capacity of 2 million litres
  • Potable water network of 35,000m
  • Fire hydrant system with a storage tank of 2 million litres capacity and a network of 35,000m
  • Foul sewage system with a storage tank of capacity of 1,875,000 litres and 600mm diameter cast iron pipe network of 30,000m
  • Electrification of support service area of more than 1 million sq.m for industrial and residential area
  • Telecommunication systems for residential and industrial area of 1million sq.m
  • Road networks for residential and industrial areas of more than 20,000m

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