Project Gallery

80M Telecommunication Tower

Relay and Control Panel Works

Piling Works - 80M high 
Telecom Tower

33 kV Substation Relay Testing in Progress

11W/0.415 kV Substation Relay and 
Control Panels


33 kV Substation Relay and Control Panels

11 kV Overhead Line Stringing


Pile Foundation - 80M high Telecom tower

Qatar Transmission System Phase III


11 W / 0.415 kV Substation
415 V Switchboard with Busduct installations

Template setting - 80M high Self Supported 


Power Transformers Installation Works

Street Lighting Works


Road network and street lighting

132 kV Tower Dismantling


33 kV Pole Concreting

220kV Switchyard installation


Cable underpass of Ductile Iron (DI) pipe
at Dukhan Support Service Area

Reinforcement Tying for Sewage Pump Station
at Dukhan Support Service Area





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