We offer comprehensive package of professional services in Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Networks in accordance with international standards.

We also undertake specialized projects related to onshore and offshore operations. The prominent among these projects are EPIC of Power plant projects on offshore and civil & electrical maintenance of oil and gas operation plants.

Our expertise also extends to infrastructure projects. With our vast resources, equipments, plants and machineries, we meet stringent deadlines with safety and efficiency.

We are proud to be associated with the defence development of the country. We have laid our hands on defence installations also.

Voltage has catered to a wide range of industrial projects. We have provided electrification services to a wide spectrum of industries like petrochemicals, fertilizer, steel, food, chemical plants etc.

Our services in the field of aviation include: Electrical installation and maintenance of airport lighting, Aviation lighting, Aircraft maintenance, Workshop and Hangars, Radar installations, Instrument landing system.